About Digital Assets Capital

Headquartered in London DAC is the capital markets arm of a prominent multi family Royal office based out the UAE. A leading conglomerate with diverse business interests globally.

Working within a regulated framework and pioneers in the financial markets industry with offices worldwide. Combined with more than 35 years of successful enterprise and heritage.

Specialist in providing cutting edge technology trading platforms in financial markets through our regulatory infrastructure.

We facilitate our clients to trade and invest in multi assets and products globally. Our offerings include but are not limited to Stocks Indices Forex Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency markets trading.

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Why Digital Assets Capital?

The tools you need to reach your trading and investing goals

Our Products

Explore a world of financial possibilities with our diverse range of products, including Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Equities. Whether you’re seeking the excitement of currency trading, the stability of commodities, the breadth of indices, or the growth potential of equities, our platform offers access to a wide spectrum of investment choices. Trade with confidence and diversify your portfolio, leveraging our expertise and resources to navigate these global markets effectively.


Experience forex trading at its finest, covering major, minor, cross, and exotic currency pairs with unbeatable terms. DAC grants you entry to over 40 actively traded currency pairs.

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Engage in Commodity CFD trading, encompassing Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas, all within the industry's most favourable trading environment.

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Explore Index CFDs, enabling you to forecast the price shifts of renowned stock market indices like US500, UK100, and JPN225, all without the need for asset ownership.

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Unlock the world of Share CFDs trading with leverage, encompassing a diverse spectrum of US, UK shares. Benefit from competitive pricing, robust liquidity.

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Our Services

Managed Funds

Diversify and optimize your portfolio with our expertly managed funds.

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Assets Management

Prudently manage and grow your wealth with our tailored strategies.

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Capital Markets

Optimize your capital utilization with our comprehensive advisory services.

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Capital Raising

Efficiently raise capital for your ventures through our extensive network.

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Tax Planning

Strategically optimize your tax liabilities, ensuring compliance and financial efficiency.

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Structured Products

Explore innovative solutions blending traditional investments with derivatives for enhanced returns.

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